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Mission Rural Partners- a division of Mission Healthcare Partners is a full- service rural hospital management company. Mission Rural Partners was formed from the merger of several types of healthcare companies. As leaders, we saw a need to stop competing against each other to bring together a multi-disciplinary team whose experience in rural healthcare would be an asset to the hospitals we serve. 

Most importantly, we saw an opportunity to bring our rural hospitals into a collaborative that would bring together teams across geographical lines. Lasting friendships and collaborations occur in this partnership.

 Rural hospitals can no longer thrive without the resources and strategy that comes with joining a team. Together, we have the accountability and imagination to tackle the tough issues that the hospital faces all the while planning for the future of rural healthcare. 

We are not your ordinary hospital management company. Our mission is simple- to save rural hospitals through a faith driven evidence- based team approach.

 We work hard. We dream hard. We love and support each other. We achieve the impossible.

Take the time to get to know us.

We are here to serve you.


MRP Fact Sheet PDF

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Q: What does “Rural Hospital Management Agreement” mean?

A:  Our agreement is a contract between the hospital (or hospital owners) that allows us to  collaborate as a team with set goals and deliverables.  We provide many services under this agreement . There is an annual fee- which has built in risk for Mission for achieving the goals set by the team. Mission’s Return on Investment by making improvements in processes or performance more than covers the fair cost for the fee. There has not been a relationship in Mission history where we have not covered or exceeded revenue needed to completely pay for our services. 

FAQ’s about Mission’s "Rural Partner Hospital Management" service

Q: Does bringing in Mission mean we will not have to have our own CEO or CFO?

A:  Mission is able to act as an Interim CEO/CFO when needed. We collaborate with the current leadership team to assist in areas such as Strategic Planning and Service Line Development- using our expertise to supplement the team.

Ideally, the CEO and the CFO at the facility will be Mission Team Members. This allows for them to feel supported by a team of their peers. We set clear goals as a team and each member knows what their role is in achieving those goals and being able to be accountable to the Hospital Board and also to each other. Mission team members attend every board meeting. In fact, one of the first things we do is to educate the board on how we are all accountable to each other.

 We also have situations where we utilize a strong leader in a regional role such as a regional CNO or Chief IT Officer. This allows the hospitals to have resources and expertise that would normally only be available in larger systems.

We believe in mentoring up and coming leaders. For instance, we have mentored strong CNO’s who desire to grow into CEO roles but need the experience and direction of our team.

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Q: Does Mission own hospitals?

A: Yes, Mission invests in hospitals when needed to get a hospital reopened or back to profitability through programs such as Rural Emergency Hospital or Critical Access Designation.


Mission is also a supporter of Physicians having ownership in the hospitals in communities they serve when allowed. 

Q: How is Mission different from other hospital management companies?

A: Mission doesn’t compare itself with any other hospital management companies. We have collaborated with many companies and will continue to do so when needed. However, we feel it is important to tell you what Mission is and is not.


Mission IS:

Mission is a privately owned

Faith based company.


Mission is dedicated to the communities

we serve- often looking for ways to

keep/bring jobs to the community.


We require our team members to

serve in the communities that allow

us to serve their hospital.

Mission is a partner not a vendor.

There is a difference.

Mission is an organization that will

always put Patients first. This is a

non- negotiable item for us.

Mission IS NOT:

Mission is not a get rich

quick lab company.

Mission is not a company that is backed

by private equity with the goal of

buying and selling hospitals for a profit.

Mission is not a company that measures

their success by profits...we measure our success by the successes of our

hospitals and team members.

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Q: What is Mission Healthcare Partners and Mission Rural Network?

A: Mission Healthcare Partners is our original company . We provide project specific consulting and a host of other healthcare leadership services for Hospitals and Physician groups nationwide.


We then formed Mission Rural Network - a collection of the best in class partners who are experts in everything from credentialing to value based care. 

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