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Think having a good "Revenue Cycle" is good enough?

We completed an audit that showed over 100,000 a month was being written off for issues such as timely filing. 

We negotiated a new hospital contract with an overall 30% increase.

We redid a chargemaster for a rural hospital resulting in additional 400,000 in revenue. 

Our Medicaid retro payments review resulted in additional payments of over 1,000,000

Mission Healthcare Partners offers full revenue cycle management services. This includes everything from managed care negotiations to payment audits and everything in between. We have assembled the best in class team and technology to make an impact in the hospitals we serve.

Instead of making the obligatory statement of why we are the best solution, we get to work being the best solution.

This is how we do it....

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We start with a comprehensive review of the current RCM processes. We help decide if the hospital has the resources to keep the billing in-house, to outsource some or all of the functions, and we are building a CBO that will accommodate future needs for our rural partners. 

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Simply put...we make sure your program is in compliance. 

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We will perform a comprehensive audit. This will serve as the base for our (RCIP) Revenue Cycle Improvement Plan. Even for the clients we do the billing for- we use a third party source to audit ourselves.

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Training is key to improving performance. Rules change. We are prepared for that.

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We create a Revenue Cycle Improvement Plan. This often involves creating a multi-disciplinary  task force that sets goals and achieves them. We look at which positions need to be hired, what staff needs for training, and what technology needs we have. Every manager has a goal tied to revenue cycle.

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We create a system of keeping everyone aware of our performance without the excess waste of needless reports.



We find ways to invest in technology and make sure we are using our current technology to the best of its capabilities. We must keep up with the latest technologies in Patient payments as well. 

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We cannot just stop at good performance. We must start the conversations on how we integrate quality into our revenue cycle. 

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We believe that the revenue cycle issues that plague our hospitals stem from and create culture issues within the facility. We can change that culture.

Repeat: Every process outlined in this plan gets repeated.

Questions To Consider:

  1. Does your current vendor attend at least one board meeting a year to go over their self- audit and performance plan?

  2. Does your current strategic plan include a Revenue Cycle Improvement Plan?

  3. Do you have a current method for tracking all managed care agreements and making sure that the payors are paying the negotiated amounts?

  4. Is there a yearly training on RCM at your facility for all Directors?

  5. Is each Physician given a  summary of their denials and write-offs to identify areas for improvement?

If you answered No to any of these questions...let’s talk.

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